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Free Gift Bags/ Thank You Gifts

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Are you looking for free gift ideas for your small business customers?

Do your shop packages have a case of the borings?

Do they need a little dose of fun?

Do you want to make packaging simple?

Add a small touch to your envelopes and packages!

A little mastery surprise for your customers. 

Small businesses are known for going above and beyond for their customers. Adding little “free gift” bag is the icing on the cake to include with each package you ship out. 

These packages are lightweight so this won't add  much to your shipping weight which as every small business knows, can be a real money saver. 

The 100 pack of  “free gift” bags are filled with a motivational keychain that your customers will love.

I have personally found that customers enjoy motivational items rather than jewelry or hair accessories.

Every adult has a key or bag that they can attach these keychains to, and every time they see it they will remember your business. 

Keychain quote, sticker color, and bag color will be randomly selected.

Each keychain is laser cut and engraved. 

quantities of each quote will vary, but rest assured that the quotes included in this package well be one of the following: 

The best is yet to com
Positive vibes only
Just breathe
You can and you will
Rest if you must, but don't you quit
Be present not perfect 

Would you like to replace "Free gift" with your business name? Just let me know in the customization text box. 


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