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Cow Print Key Fob Writstlet

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The Cow Print Wristlet is a stylish wristlet made of faux leather with cow print and a silver hardware. The keychain features a custom wooden engraved name. It is perfect for carrying your keys and other small items, and also makes a great gift!


Occasions to gift:

Birthday Gift for Her

Birthday Gift for Wife

Birthday Gift for Co-worker

Birthday Gift for Neighbor

 Birthday Gift for Employee

Birthday Gift for Boss

 Birthday Gift for Client

Birthday Gift for Mother in-law

Birthday Gift for Teacher

 Birthday Gift for Daughter

Birthday Gift for Women

Birthday Gift for Mom

Birthday Gift for Sister

Birthday Gift for Best friend

Anniversary gift for her

Anniversary gift for wife

Anniversary gift for Mother in-law

Wedding gift for Bridesmaids

Bridal Shower gifts for Daughter

Bridal Shower gifts for Women

Bridal Shower gifts for Sister

 Bridal Shower gifts for Best friend

Mother’s Day gift for Bonus Mom

Mother’s Day gift for Step Mom

Mother’s Day gift for Her

Mother’s Day gift for Wife

Mother’s Day gift for Co-worker

Mother’s Day gift for Neighbor

Mother’s Day gift for Employee

Mother’s Day gift for Boss

Mother’s Day gift for Client

Mother’s Day gift for In-laws

Mother’s Day gift for Mother in-law

Mother’s Day gift for Teacher

Mother’s Day gift for Daughter

Mother’s Day gift for Women

Mother’s Day gift for Mom 

Mother’s Day gift for Sister

Mother’s Day gift for Best friend

Christmas gift for Her

Christmas gift for Wife

Christmas gift for Co-worker

Christmas gift for Neighbor

Christmas gift for Employee 

Christmas gift for Boss

Christmas gift for Client

Christmas gift for Teacher

Christmas gift for Daughter

Valentine’s Day gift for Her

Valentine’s Day gift for Wife

Valentine’s Day gift for Co-worker

Valentine’s Day gift for Neighbor

Valentine’s Day gift for Employee 

Valentine’s Day gift for Boss

Valentine’s Day gift for Client

Valentine’s Day gift for In-laws

Valentine’s Day gift for Teacher

Valentine’s Day gift for Daughter

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