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Peace Out Summer- Beginning of Year Student Gift

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Peace Out Summer Card with Wooden Peace Sign Keychain

Welcome your students to the new school year with a thoughtful and unique gift that says "Peace Out Summer" in style! Our Peace Out Summer Card with Wooden Peace Sign Keychain is the perfect way for teachers to greet their students and start the school year on a positive and memorable note.

Key Features:

  • Inspirational Message: Each 4x6 card features the cheerful message "Peace Out Summer," along with a customizable welcome that includes the specific grade the student is entering. This personalized touch makes every student feel special and acknowledged.
  • Wooden Peace Sign Keychain: Attached to each card is a beautifully crafted wooden peace sign keychain. This versatile accessory can be used as a zipper pull for backpacks and lunch boxes, adding a touch of fun and personality to everyday items.
  • High-Quality Materials: The card is printed on durable, high-quality cardstock, and the keychain is made from sturdy, eco-friendly wood, ensuring that this gift will last throughout the school year.
  • Ready to Gift: Each card and keychain set is individually wrapped in a self-seal package, making it easy for teachers to distribute these gifts without any additional preparation. Just open the package and they’re ready to give!

Why Choose the Peace Out Summer Card with Wooden Peace Sign Keychain?

  • Personalized Greeting: Customizing each card with the student's grade creates a welcoming and personalized experience, helping to build a positive teacher-student relationship from the very start.
  • Versatile and Practical: The wooden peace sign keychain isn't just a cute accessory; it’s practical too! Students can use it as a zipper pull, making it a functional keepsake they can enjoy daily.
  • Encouraging and Fun: The "Peace Out Summer" message adds a lighthearted and encouraging note to the beginning of the school year, setting a positive tone for the months ahead.
  • Convenient and Thoughtful: With each gift individually wrapped, teachers can easily and quickly prepare for the first day of school, ensuring every student receives a warm welcome.

Make the start of the school year extra special with the Peace Out Summer Card with Wooden Peace Sign Keychain. It’s more than just a gift; it’s a heartfelt way to welcome students back to school and inspire them for the exciting year ahead.